Neuroscience of Habits


Neuroscience of Habits


Looking for ways to hack your habits and become more productive?

Looking for ways to hack your habits and become more productive?

Our modern lifestyle and constantly evolving technology plays havoc with our habits and routines. Many modern devices are designed to capture your attention and drive you to distraction. They are hacking you normal habitual behaviour. This is affecting productivity, resilience, curiosity, creativity, innovation and mental health, Any time is a great time to think about all your current habits and consider which are good and which you would like to change. Are old habits going to sneak back into your life, or are you going to take this opportunity to create new habits?

What is a habit?

Habitual behaviour is an adaptive mechanism that evolved to allow us to concentrate on other things. Think about all the things you do every day without concentrating on them – making coffee/tea, driving to work, showering, brushing teeth. checking your email etc. How and why our brains are able to do this is fascinating, and understanding this provides simple ways you can change habits to become more productive both at home and at work.

What will you learn?

In an informative and challenging presentation, Dr Mark covers:

• The neuroscience of habits
• Why good habits and patterns are important
• How bad habits can impact your productivity and health
• Why bad habits form when change happens
• How modern technology affects our habits
• How to get your time and productivity back

He will discuss many helpful tips and strategies that we can all easily implement to establish good habits in our lives and get bad habits under control.

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